Football: Dinos saying bye to BYU-bound Tollestrup (rumours)

The scuttlebutt is that if former Peter Gorman Trophy winner Dalin Tollestrup, a dual threat quarterback, was returning to the Calgary Dinos, you might have heard something by now (well, not necessarily, a lot of media people, communications and journalists alike, are on holidays. As yours truly, like the late, great Warren Zevon, I never take vacations).

If you google Tollestrup's name together with BYU, as in Brigham Young University, you do get a few matches. It's not out of the realm of possibility that the now 21-year-old Tollestrup, who was able to start in Canada West straight out of high school, might try his luck in the NCAA at a big-time football school. This obviously bears further confirmation, but it is out there.

There is a family connection with the BYU Cougars. Dalin's uncle, former Canadian Olympic basketball player Phil Tollestrup, played at BYU and another uncle, Tim Tollestrup, played hoops at the University of Utah. The Cougars also have a player from Alberta, Jadon Wagner, a linebacker from Lethbridge.
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  1. Wouldn't we know from BYU by now or would he delay yet another year?

  2. Good point, Lauren, I honestly did not consider that logic. The way to go is probably contact BYU after the weekend ... thing is, with 100-plus players and 85 scholarships, Tollestrup is just one small cog in the wheel for them.

  3. BYU has long been rumoured to be a goal for him and he be aiming for a try-out after his successful start with Calgary and now that Dinos have taken Glavic. Or it may be he's happy to be finally home and no one has bothered to mention it yet.