Football: Introducing the Fans' Top 10

Canadian football fans are making their voices heard. Welcome to the CIS Football Fan’s Top 10!

Back in 2007 fans at the online community took it upon themselves to start their own Top 10 ranking system in response to the official rankings released by the CIS. Since at times the official Top 10 became a point of, well, rather heated debate the fans wanted to make a list of their very own.

For the past two seasons the fans have successfully put together their ranking system, sometimes quite similar to the official list but other times with some interesting inclusions/submissions. The CIS Top 10 has been revamped for this season however the Fans still wanted to continue on their poll and formed a committee this season to ensure every corner of the country was included.

This fan committee, 30 members strong representing every conference, consists not only of fans but some former players, family of players and even some media types. It’s a great cross-section of the people who show up each week to support and cheer on our varsity athletes, the people who support the student athlete across the country.

Every Tuesday at roughly 1 p.m. ET a list will be published here at The CIS Blog (exception being for Week 1, that list will be published on Wednesday due to Labour Day Monday games).

Thanks for checking out the rankings and for backing Canadian Interuniversity Sport.
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