Football: Cooler head prevails with Gryphons QB Justin Dunk

FOTB Greg Layson reports that Guelph's dual-threat quarterback Justin Dunk had some heart-to-hearts over the summer with the school's AD, Tom Kendall. It seems to have paid off for the QB, who has been high-maintenance, high-reward by times:
"You've seen some of the tantrums I've thrown on the field. But this year, you’re going to see a guy who is calm, cool and collected."

Guelph could be a sleeper after back-to-back 4-4 seasons.

Greg points out Dunk is still wearing the do-rag. The common impression is that the football fashion accessory was popularized by Deion Sanders in his Atlanta Falcons days, but Canadian fans will recall Bobby Jurasin sporting one in the CFL some time earlier.

Same name, different quarterback (Greg Layson, Guelph Mercury)
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