Football: Clermont struggling with 'Riders

Former Regina Rams star Jason Clermont has had a tough go in his return to his hometown, with only 81 yards on seven catches and no touchdowns through five games with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.'s David Naylor touched on it during TSN's SportsCentre on Tuesday night:
"Consensus around the CFL is that Clermont has paid a price for years of taking big hits over the middle, catches that became his trademark when he was with the B.C. Lions. But his lack of production may partially be because of Saskatchewan's offence, which puts a premium on speed at the slotback position. And that, even in his younger days, has never been Clermont's strength."
Naylor noted that the Riders' three Canadian receivers, Chris Getzlaf, who will get another start Friday), Andy Fantuz and Rob Bagg are all "younger and faster" than Clermont. (This is perhaps the first time a Queen's player has ever been referred to as fast, at least since Brad Elberg wore the Tricolour.)

Naylor acknowledged it is early, but Clermont has a bigger paycheque than those other three CIS alumni. It will be something to keep an eye on all season.
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  1. I'm a huge fan of the fact coach Miller isn't playing people based on their pay rate.

  2. Re: Fast Gaels

    See Allin, Jimmy

  3. I bow to no one in admiration for Jimmy Allin, but remember where he was drafted by the CFL ... it was due to his size, but nevertheless.