Late-night linkin' log ... SMU settles in, Gryphs and Gaels nurse injuries

  • Defensive end Vaughn Martin (Western) comes in for some praise from NFL writer Clark Judge.
    "Martin ... has a decent chance to make it with the Chargers. Though he is raw, there seems to be enough athletic ability to keep the club interested. Yes, the defensive line is crowded, but it can always use a run stuffer like Martin -- especially if he plays as he did in the preseason opener against Seattle."

  • "Very settled" is the buzz phrase with the Steve Sumurah-coached Saint Mary's Huskies. It does not take Adam Schefter from ESPN to know that a schism could develop if a team does not stick with one a quarterback. That is a shot at ESPN (explanation), not the Huskies!

    Last season, Saint Mary's "shuffled through QBs like a teenager bored with her iPod," as some wiseacre worded it in the Huskies preview. The hope is SMU can laugh about it now, having come through such a tough situation. (Metro Halifax)

  • Regina has the same starting linebackers that it had last season. This is new. (Regina Leader-Post)

  • Queen's safety Matt Vickers, reports the excellent Mike Koreen, played in the Australian Ice Hockey League while he was at teachers' college.

    Another Golden Gaels note via Mike: Running back Marty Gordon is still slowed by a leg injury. Koreen also has a Saturday feature on Saskatchewan Roughriders wideout Rob Bagg. (Kingston Whig-Standard)

  • Western and Laval play an exhibition game Sunday at PEPS Stadium. In a converation earlier today (for Sun Media's OUA preview which will appear next week), Greg Marshall talked about Da'Shawn Thomas' arrival giving the Mustangs some "flexibility" with their other running backs and wouldn't you know, the Free Press article notes Ryan Tremblay will play some slotback. (London Free Press)

  • Laval has its own position battles in the receiving corps, too. Nineteen-year-old Yannick Morin-Plante is one of the new names to learn; he tore it up in the CEGEP AAA league last fall. (Le Soleil)

  • Guelph's best deep threat, wideout-kick returner Jedd Gardner, likely will not practise until middle of next week due to a tweaked hammy. (Guelph Mercury)

  • Ottawa needs a stadium announcer ... just e-mail jennifer.elliott(at) (Capital Region Football)

  • will probably have updates on the OUA-NCAA games this weekend.

  • Mark Wacyk looks at the Cape Breton Capers, who have been perennial bridesmaids in the AUS across the past few seasons. It's ipso-facto that they have a shot at being a tournament team if third-year guard Tremaine Fraser stays the full five seasons. (

  • Windsor coach Chris Oliver put his Lancers through a 30-minute practice after a 90-39 loss to Ohio State. (Windsor Star)
  • Nipissing's inaugural men's hockey season will feature a cheering section (the Laker Maniacs) and maybe a closed-circuit TV feed throughout the North Bay Memorial Gardens. (North Bay Nugget)
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  1. Just one training camp injury each for the Gaels and the Gryphons? To a Gee-Gee follower thats small potatoes.

  2. Ottawa is a little nicked-up, eh?

    There are certainly others for the Gryphons and Golden Gaels, but Gardner is the Gryphons' best deep receiver and Gordon is supposed to be part of Queen's tailback platoon. Each are key guys.

  3. Yup , Ottawa is a little nicked up in training camp. In fact I heard from one of their trainers that a couple of the guys hurt in that horrendous injury season last year , had surgery in the off season and were not quite ready to go at the start of training camp. No names as I did not ask.

    Gee-Gees fans did not get much sympathy from opposing fans (personal experience) when key guys were badly nicked last season, so I do not imagine we will extend much this year when we hear that other teams are suffering the same fate.

  4. I realize Chris Oliver must have been extremely disappointed by the fact his team got blown off the court by OU, but come on.
    Does he really think an impromptu post game thirty minute "practice" is going to help matters much?
    Especially when the Lancers have to play Ohio State AGAIN tonight?
    Oliver claims the practice wasn't punitive, but I bet it would hard to convince his players otherwise.
    I think Oliver has to realize that, sometimes. you are just Prairie View and the other guy is USC.
    Even Carleton, the best we have in the CIS, have gotten their comeuppance on occasion from NCAA opponents.
    I recall the South Carolina Gamecocks coming into the Raven's Nest and humbled the Ravens by 40, 75-35
    Sometimes you just have to admit to yourself you can only punch so far above your weight.

  5. Ah Nipissing, the school that just doesn't matter, in anything.

  6. Nipissing will rival Lakehead's numbers for fan attendance. Having another team strong with in the attendance category will only help promote further CIS Hockey.