Football: Allard-Cameus a man without a team

No one is being accused of such, but some dot-orgers have wondered if CFL teams, as a favour to coaching buddies, keep players on practice rosters just long enough so they can't go back to school.

It is unlikely that happens ... but unless our Grade 10 French failed us, Guillaume Allard-Caméus is now team-less after being let go by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He is ineligible to return to Laval, which would certainly not mind having him back.
"Le joueur de 25 ans, qui était éligible à une cinquième saison dans la Ligue de football universitaire du Québec, n’aura donc pas le droit de revenir avec la formation lavalloise. Un règlement stipule qu’un joueur qui évolue chez les professionnels ne peut retourner avec une équipe universitaire quand cette dernière entame son camp." — Le Journal du Québec

It's acknowledged some people dislike that someone can go to one or two CFL camps, practise and still come back to school. Whatever your feeling, that is tough break for Allard-Caméus, though. One does wonder if this warrants examining the national association's policy.

(Helmet-tap to Allez Les Bleus for the link.)
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  1. No conspiracy here whatsoever.

    I was talking with somebody a few weeks ago - somebody who pays special attention to CIS players - who was at a Cats game (B.C., I believe) and noted Allard-Cameus wasn't exactly busting his ass on special teams. He also told me Allard-Cameus took a real lazy holding penalty and predicted - correctly, it turns out - he would not be long for Steeltown.

  2. Allard-Caméus said during the training camp that he wouldn't spent the whole year on the practice roster. He would prefer going back to Qc city to complete its last year (and winning the R & O Vanier Cup bla bla..). So his two dreams just ends here - a little sad.

    And the article said that he was at Qc city last Monday to pick-up the rest of his stuff to bring it to Hamilton...

    The article also says (someone made us a remark on Twitter) because the TiCats have 2 injured players, they signed 4 imports and release one non-import?