Football: Queen's Williams reels off some tackles

Incoming Queen's linebacker Shomari Williams, as most of you probably knew, has a blog, 2 Dreams 1 Life ( Williams, who is hoping to be taken in the 2010 CFL draft, posted his highlight tape from his three seasons with the Houston Cougars a few hours ago:

Williams seems to have played mostly outside linebacker with the Cougars. Queen's has a huge hole at inside linebacker if Thaine Carter's shoulder surgery keeps him out for this season. It would not to do to extrapolate, but a lot of Houston's opponents in Conference USA such as Tulsa and cross-town rival Rice run some pretty imaginative spread offences. That might help Williams adjust back to three-down football.
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  1. Williams played in two games with the Cougars in 2008, the last being on Sept 13, 2008.

    With the one year wait rule, he will miss Queen's first two games on sept 6 and 12 , 2009. he could appear the next weekend vs. the Gee-Gees.

  2. Is that for certain, or is that a personal interpretation? I was under the impression that a player who is starting a new degree does not have to sit out, like Keenan Jeppesen at McMaster.

    Queen's first game is Sept. 7, too.

  3. Who's Queen and why is his/her first game on Sept. 7?

    More seriously, how do you indicate a possessive there, other than adding University? (I asked another grad once and he said, unhelpfully, "the X of Queen's.")

  4. Hey, don't BS someone who was often one of the few males in honours English seminars at Queen's, Rob. "Her/his," please.

  5. Did Shomari Williams complete a degree in his three years at Houston? If he did and now is entering into a graduate or professional program at Queen's, he does not have to sit the one year. If he is transfering into an undergradute program then he does have to sit out that one year from the time of his last game.The rules are different for these two situations. I do not know which he is doing.

    The second situation is a similar one to Chayce Eliott--Western Washingtom--- at Ottawa, who did the undergrad to undergrad transfer, and had to sit until late into Ottawa's season last year before he was eligible.

  6. TV's Duane Ford says that Williams did receive a business degree from Houston this spring. So if he enrolls in a grad degree at Queen's he should not have to sit. Big catch for Queen's.

    Jepperson is in the same position, entering an MBA program so also does not have to sit.

  7. Thanks for checking that out.