Football: Laval tops UFRC, little love for Stingers

The UFRC's first top 10 is up. It was a privilege to participate:
  1. Laval (1,710 points)
  2. Western (1,543)
  3. Calgary (1,168)
  4. Saskatchewan (1,125)
  5. Saint Mary's (1,108)
  6. Concordia (803)
  7. Laurier (528)
  8. Queen's (375)
  9. Montréal (347)
  10. Ottawa (254)

    Also receiving votes: Simon Fraser 138, Manitoba 128, St. FX 48, Sherbrooke 18
That tasteless joke about how arguing on the Internet is like the Special Olympics ("even if you win, you're still ...") very much applies with pre-season polls. They don't mean anything but they are sure are fun to bat back and forth like a beach ball.

It is a no-brainer to have the Vanier Cup finalists 1-2 (at least one media voter didn't, hint-hint). The 3-6 slots could have been arranged in any order. Calgary and Saskatchewan is an either-or (the Huskies did shut out the Dinos in a game late last season). Concordia's status shows how bad the CIS needs a realignment so the rest of the country can get a better look at Quebec's second- and third-best programs.

Twenty of 27 teams received votes. Doesn't that say something about the diversity in opinion across this great country? By the way, Every Day Should Be Saturday has a takedown post up on coaches' polls. It's worth reading, although it's debatable how much it would apply in Canada. We're more honest up here!
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  1. Actually 19 teams out of 27 teams received votes. But honestly it's hard to understand how some voters could see UBC, Mount Allison and Bishop's in the Top 10...

  2. The UFRC post lists UBC and Mount Allison as tied for 19th. If two teams share 19th spot, there must be 20 listed.