Track and Field: New CIS-level program to be based at UNB Saint John

I did not see this coming. The University of New Brunswick has just announced that the Saint John campus will have its first-ever CIS level sport, Track & Field, starting next year. This follows on the announcement earlier this summer of the refurbishment of the Canada Games Stadium on the UNBSJ campus - thanks to your and my infrastructure tax dollars. The surprising part is that UNB Fredericton student athletes will also be eligible to compete on the UNBSJ team (which I guess will be the "UNB" team), just as apparently UNBSJ students are eligible to compete on any of the current Fredericton based teams. Off the top of my head I can't name one UNBSJ-based student-athlete currently competing out of Fredericton, and it will be interesting to see if student-athletes are willing to make the 70 minute commute to run around a track.
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  1. Q: How many UNB Saint John students does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: 2. One to do it and one to get permission from the Fredericton campus.

  2. Well actually I find that UNBSJ has too much autonomy, and UNB's theme of "one university, two campuses" is often a goal and not a reality. The cities of Fredericton and Saint John have always been rivals, and the Saint John community has pushed continuously for growth and autonomy on their campus, including the province giving them their own Senate. Once you have a Senate, you control your own curriculum, and now sometimes if a student switches campuses midway through their degree program they won't necessarily get complete one-for-one credits for their courses. This isn't a case in all of the degree programs, but some, and really bothers me as you can tell! And don't get me going on the division/sharing of resources between two campuses when the university is running a deficit ...