Women's basketball: Holiday tournament tracker

A hat tip and then some goes to Bob Adams, whose exhibition/tournament results page has proved incredibly useful for this and the basketball RPI.

  • The best tournament was probably at Concordia, where the home team (#19 in RPI), Alberta (#3), Memorial (#7) and Regina (#11) made up half the entries. They all won their Sunday games, the Cougars nearly doubling up on the Marauders, then Regina beat Memorial 65-59 and Alberta beat Concordia 78-63 to set up Tuesday's final between the only two Canada West teams in the tournament. The Pandas took the final game by six.

  • Calgary (#6) wasn't exactly challenged at the Hopewell. Their opponents were #27 Brock, #32 Ryerson, and #40 Fraser Valley. Not surprisingly, they knocked off the Cascades by 33, and the Badgers by 31.

  • #4 Windsor hosted three teams, none of which are in our top 10, but most of the games seemed pretty close: only one ended up being decided by more than eight points, and that 94-59 Windsor win over the Bisons is recapped in the Windsor Star. The Star was also there for the Windsor-Laval game; write-up here. The Lancers won 66-60 and held Marie-Michelle Genois, one of two CIS women on the national development team, to just six points.

    This tournament may also help separate the teams in the 11-20 range in our RPI; Laval and Toronto were 14th and 17th entering the exam break and it looks like U of T may be as high as eighth once the regular season resumes.

Finally, a little while ago, right after exams ended, the SFU Clan found themselves in and around Havana, playing some ball and getting some beach time. Kate Hole (who else?) wrote a series of postcards for The Province about the trip, one of which is here.

If you follow that link, you'll learn that they saw a baseball game between "Metro" and "another Havana team." Baseball nuts such as myself know that other team is the powerhouse Industriales, basically the New York Yankees of Cuba, which means there's yet another reason to be jealous of the Clan for their winter escape.
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  1. Yes, Calgary beat them all, but Ryerson deserves credit for an awsome forecourt press and stealing ability. Time after time they trapped Calgary in their end for the 8 second count, or forced turnovers, which usually resulted in a score.

    However, in all other ways, Calgary dominated, and once they solved the press break (which took until the 3rd quarter) there was no contest.