Holiday hockey: Lakehead, Saskatchewan more or less settle nothing

Here's a stab at keeping track of where the Top 10 teams are during the holidays:
  • As the University Cup host, No. 7 Lakehead is apparently trying to deduce quite a bit from its holiday tournament, where they'll play No. 3 Saskatchewan in the final tonight after beating the Huskies 5-4 in a shootout this evening.

    Five-foot-7 centre Mark Soares got the shootout winner for Lakehead. There were 21 power-play opportunities, which one can take to mean some bad blood has developed between the teams for the rematch.

    One game between non-conference teams doesn't prove everything. However, Lakehead did win without key defenceman Kalvin Sagert (best last name in the CIS!). Apparently, when Sagert made it back to campus from his home in B.C., his equipment did not.

    Something that has not got a lot of attention -- it's only Dec. 30 -- is that, according to a the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Canada West only has one entry in the University Cup this season. Is that right? Alberta won last season, so why does the defending champion's conference only get to send a single team?
  • Earlier yesterday in Thunder Bay, No. 5 Laurier was upended 7-3 by Manitoba. Who knows, that might be a game you can excuse.
  • Speaking of Alberta, it plays Regina and a college team, the host SAIT Trojans, at a tournament in Calgary this weekend.
  • No. 4 UNB has its much-anticipated two-game series vs. Boston College on Friday and Saturday
  • No. 9 Waterloo actually is playing three games in Switzerland and Italy this week. There, uh, might be some trouble tracking down scores from those games
This post will be updated after Tuesday's final.
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  1. If I'm reading this score right, Waterloo lost 11-4 to a Geneva team on Monday. (Not sure why the write-up below talks about the game as if it hasn't happened yet, but there you go.)

    Their game tonight is against Ambri Piotta, whose web site amusingly refers to UW as "la squadra universitaria di Waterloo (USA)."