Hockey: Ex-Leaf turned asst. coach cautions about concussions

"... It kind of made me sick to my stomach. This player didn't know what he was really risking and we didn’t either. It kind of got me thinking along the lines that we should really communicate with these players, 'This is why you really need to sit out and make sure that you’re okay before you get back in there because we’re talking about paralysis, or even death with second-hit, second-concussion syndrome when your brain is bruised or even bleeding.' " — The Queen's Journal
Concussions in hockey are not peculiar to one league, which is why it hasn't felt right to comment. It bears noting, since it is such a major issue. Anecdotal evidence suggests it might be a bigger issue in girls and women's hockey as well.

(It's also a chance to point people toward what Bucholtz does when he's not posting here or at Sporting Madness.)

The psychology behind why people conceal or downplay an injury is complicated, and no should pretend to have all the answers. Good on McCauley for convincing people to seek them out, though.

The school of hard knocks; Queen’s assistant coach Alyn McCauley is passionate about raising concussion awareness (Andrew Bucholtz, The Queen's Journal)
Concussions in girls' hockey worry Minnesota coaches (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Jan. 27)
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