Women's basketball: Moore's "perfect miss"; the video evidence

The YouTubeage of Queen's Brittany Moore's ultimate uncontested layup vs. Carleton has surfaced, via gogaelsgo.com.

Andrew covered this last Saturday. Each team went to the bench — Carleton was out of timeouts — while Moore took three free throws with Queen's down by two points. The Ravens didn't realize when Moore was on her final shot, and when she missed (after splitting the first two), she laid in the rebound for the winning basket.

It was argued on Dale Stevens' Canadian University Basketball Discussion List about what responsibility falls on the officials in such a situation:
"The question therefore arises if the referees realizing a mistake is about to be made should have blown a whistle and indicated it was time for Carletonand/or Queen's to get in place (if they wished to) for the third and final foul shot.
The reader mentioned a long-time official who "often gently called a player's attention to something that he could have called before starting to call it. In effect he gave a player a chance to alter his/her ways before enforcing an infraction."

No disrespect, but that doesn't hold water. It is true that referees, when dealing with younger athletes, will often explain a rule to coaches and players to tell them what they're doing wrong. You see it in rugby, especially.

Before Canada went to FIBA rules, referees would indicate to players to "come in" to the lane before a player's final free throw, because — key point here — that was the rule. It isn't anymore, and the coaches and players are skilled and smart enough not to expect a bailout. After that game, Carleton coach Taffe Charles put it on himself, because he realized he and his team erred by not being aware of the situation.

(Thanks to Queen's SID Michael Grobe for the hook-up. Cross-posted to Out of Left Field.)
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