Door opened to dual membership in CIS, NCAA: Report

"UBC Athletics continues to hold talks with the NCAA. (Athletic director Bob) Philip recently returned from the league's AGM and he said he would attend NCAA hockey meetings in April. Div. 2 has opened the door to Canadian members, and UBC and Simon Fraser University continue to debate the move internally. The department would like to keep some sports in Canada, at least in the short term. CIS officials will discuss dual membership in April."
— Marc Weber, Vancouver Province
The gut reaction is to write, let's hope that's a short discussion. Some people might feel if UBC and Simon Fraser are going, it should be all the way. You can't be a little bit pregnant.

It's not bad, though, since it might be a precedent for future moves. One would have to believe other schools with a Cadillac program, such as UNB in men's hockey, McGill in women's hockey or Laval in football, might be interested in looking into NCAA membership if the entire varsity program didn't have to go. It's always fun to wonder how those teams might do playing a NCAA schedule (notwithstanding the question of how the school would pay for it). Who knows, we could learn sooner rather than later.
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1 comment:

  1. I'd be more interested in what the NCAA's view on dual membership is.

    From the program moves I've seen in the States (from the NAIA to the NCAA), when a school goes, it goes completely.