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Wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  My name is Richard Zussman.  I am going to be chipping in with what is going on in the Can West.  I am a reporter for City TV in Edmonton.  I have been out west only for a couple of months now - before moving here I was the play-by-play voice for the Ottawa Gee Gees football team last fall.  Before that I was the voice of the Queen's Golden Gaels for 2 and a half years.  I am a huge fan of the CIS and the importance of sports to a university community.  I spent a year in Syracuse, New York as a student at Syracuse University, so I understand a little about what it means for a school to rally behind it's sports teams.  The passion and excitement around the games there is incredible.  

I am really excited about helping out on the blog because I feel the Can West needs some coverage.  Getting exposure to university athletes is the only way that a US style excitement around teams can happen.  If any of you out there have some ideas of covering the Can West let me know.  Fire me off an email to rfzussman@gmail.com

I look forward to contributed to what is already a great blog,

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