Hockey: Injured Brock goalie on road back

"Jory did have some good luck on his side. Three 911 calls were placed within moments of the collision, Brock trainer Katie Sawicky did exactly what she needed to do, the paramedics were on the scene within minutes, and Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital was a short drive from the rink.

"It took three hours of emergency surgery to stitch Jory's right pulmonary vein back together, and 12 staples to seal the awful wound." -- National Post
It came in December, but it's welcome to see Ms. Sawicky hailed as lifesaver. The student trainers do not get near enough credit for the effort and hours they put in.

Jory's journey to recovery a long process; Goalie injured in Windsor hopes to return next year (Joe O'Connor, Canwest News Service)
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  1. Well done to the trainer - I hope they are getting due recognition.

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