Women's hoops: More than a little off the top at top-ranked SFU

Apologies in advance for taking this long to get a link up to the Van Province article from Monday about Simon Fraser lady ballers Katie Miyazaki, Anna Carolsfeld, Laurelle Weigl and Courtney Gerwing having their heads shaved next weekend to raise money for the B.C. Cancer Foundation. All four will have their heads shaved following the No. 1-ranked Clan's game vs. Fraser Valley on Jan. 17, a week from Saturday:
"For a lot of girls, their hair is a part of their identity. We're making the point that we're not afraid to do something for a good cause. We might get fingers pointed at us, but who cares? We're trying to help people who need it." -- Weigl, as told to Howard Tsumura
Good for them. Personally, I couldn't go with a chrome dome, even though nature has been nudging me that way since shortly after my 20th birthday.

Simon Fraser faces No. 9 UVic on Friday (6:15 local time, Clan Radio). Point guard Lisa Tindle's surgically repaired knee is acting up, which adds to their challenge.

Hair won't be there for Clan players facing charity chop (Howard Tsumura, Vancouver Province)
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