A brief note on WTVH

This is probably not what we had in mind when we talked about bringing the CIS to a wider audience.

If you're reading this site, chances are you're very familiar with Neate Sager's work, both here and at Out of Left Field. It turns out that the same can be said for anyone reading this article on the WTVH (Syracuse) website.

You see, the story Neate wrote for the Ottawa Sun about Josh Wright, former Syracuse baller and now Gee-Gee (another version of the article appears in the Kingston Whig-Standard here), is eerily similar to what WTVH has posted. They may have tacked on "Reprinted from Ottawa Sun" to the end, but judging by Neate's reaction to the story's sudden appearance, one presumes permission was neither asked for nor granted.

Funny that this should happen with a story about a student-athlete. Any student paying half-attention during the first class of the year is made aware that plagiarism is not tolerated and the punishment is unpleasant. Unfortunately, there isn't much to do in cases where the offending party is anonymous and the offended party is not interested in fighting a battle that shouldn't have to be fought in the first place.

(Update from Neate, Jan. 12, 7:20 p.m. — The story has been taken down from WTVH-5's website. Its sports director, Kevin Maher, and president/general manager, Matt Rosenfeld, have each apologized for the inconvenience. They offered to repost the story with the proper attribution, but as it is Sun Media's copyrighted material, I politely declined, and now feel like more of a loser than ever before. Now I'm the guy who got sued by Frank D'Angelo and the boy who cried plagiarism when I should have been happy to get media exposure in Syracuse, great.)
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