Football: Mustangs add key football assistant

There has been a pretty lively thread all week on the dot-org about highly regarded offensive line coach Chris Bertoia joining his hometown Western Mustangs, so we might as well offer comment.

Bertoia is generally seen as a major reason for helping improve the quality of both the offensive and defensive lines for St. FX, which came sadistically close to upsetting Saint Mary's in the past two Loney Bowls. No doubt this will be a good move for him, considering the hometown tie and the fact St. FX will have a new coach, who will want to bring in his own people. Read the passage in Jeff Pearlman's Boys Will Be Boys about Jimmy Johnson's first year at the University of Miami if you want to know what it can like when a new coach inherits his predecessor's assistants -- it's rough all over.

Bertoia, who coached amateur football with the London Beefeaters, should help Western improve the quality of its blocking group and its defensive front, which it will need to if it's going to take another shot at Laval next season (which would come in the Mitchell Bowl, not the Vanier).
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