Football: Glavic had choice between Calgary, Western

"We were contacted by Erik and at the time he had mentioned some interest in our program. I reminded Erik that he's a big part of (Saint Mary's) and I said, 'Why don't you think about it and give me a call back if you're interested in pursuing.' Two days later, he called me back and said 'Coach, I'd like to come and visit if you don't mind.'

"I've spoken with the vice-president at Saint Mary's and, although they don't like what's happened, he's assured me they're comfortable with the way it was handled." -- Blake Nill, in today's Calgary Herald
Erik Glavic, who can now be called the controversial transfer quarterback -- unfairly or not -- did what was best for Erik Glavic.

The question really becomes whether people can begrudge him for that down East; has blown up discussing the matter.

A university football career is short. The odds of making the CFL as a Canadian quarterback are long (Glavic, pending how his knee responds, has the size and skill-set that suggests he could do the Matt Jones position switch -- or to Canadianize it, Vince Danielson back in the 1990s -- to receiver at the next level). If Glavic believe the U of Calgary is better place for that -- more variety in opponents, perhaps better talent around him, especially among the backs and receivers -- than more power to him.

The other big takeaway from the Calgary Herald's story Glavic considered transferring to Western. That would have been equally controversial, and it would have led to accusions of front-running, similar to the players who play four seasons at one school, complete their degree, then play elsewhere in search of a ring. There is nothing wrong with doing that -- you have five years of eligibility, why not use it? -- but it sticks in some fans' craws.

It promises to be interesting. All four conference champions figure to be prohibitive favourites to repeat and if Glavic is fully recovered and can start for Calgary, it will be a scene if he and Nill end up in the Uteck Bowl against the Huskies. The mere sight of him in Dinos red and gold will angry up some Bluenoser blood.

You can't blame them, but this is university football. It is not on par to the Brett Favre-Ted Thompson Green Bay Packers soap opera last summer. It's a young man who only has a finite number of years to play football. You have to admit it has some serious sizzle.

(The Herald's Rita Mungo also had a very good piece Thursday on Dinos baller Tyler Fidler.)

Dinos give QB Glavic chance to play for 'coach I can trust'; Nill responds to allegations of tampering (Rita Mungo, Calgary Herald)
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