UNBC tailors its pitch

"We can make the argument, if you have a team in Prince George, there’s a whole northern population here that hasn’t traditionally produced (basketball players). There has been some people from the north that have gone and played Canada West, but I think you could produce that many more, and another big population in the north is First Nations. Basketball is a big sport amongst First Nations, so I think that by them coming into the north, they now have 350,000 or 400,000 people. Hopefully basketball is going to be profiled higher and we can actually produce more players."
— Len McNamara, UNBC athletic director
It certainly is a creative tack for UNBC to frame its pitch in terms of taking the CIS product to an untapped corner of the country. There always is that urban/rural divide in Canada.

UNBC is only going for affiliate membership in Canada West so it can play basketball in the university league. If they've done their homework and can sell people on why Prince George would support it, why not let them in.

UNBC set to take next step in bid for CIS berth (Alistair McInnis, Prince George Free Press)

Breaking down the potential new CIS members (Oct. 10, 2008)
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  1. As previously mentioned, I really like the UNBC bid. They're not trying to do too much and they really wouldn't be competing with much else in the city, or any existing CIS members. Prince George would be a great place for university basketball in my mind.

  2. And of course the CIS delayed their decision for a year! Why? Why? Why?