Hockey: Sitting on lead puts Alberta in driver's seat

Alberta got what it wanted playing Katie-bar-the-door.

Trouble was, the Pandas' 1-0 victory over Laurier probably was not the game anyone hoped to watch. It was, to be honest, a pretty dull defensive game, with Alberta sitting on a lead after Leah Copeland (first credited to all-name team captain Alana Cabana) beat CIS player of the year Liz Knox just 1:11 into the proceedings in Antigonish.

Laurier, which faces St. Francis Xavier on Friday and then would need help from the X-Women, might have taken a little long figuring out how to play Alberta. It had just one shot on Pandas goalie Dana Vinge in the first 20 minutes. Laurier buzzed the net quite a bit in the latter two periods, but couldn't get the bounces.
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1 comment:

  1. This isn't a Pandas team that will beat you by shooting out the lights. They are built around solid defence and goaltending. The Dana Vinge of a year ago and this year are vastly different. She made huge strides this season, and at times last year she was prone to a bad goal a game, but not anymore. She is among this team's biggest strengths, and while her stats aren't drastically different from a year ago, she wouldn't have shut out a team on the national stage 12 months ago - a vastly better goalie this year and her hardwork is paying off.