Football: Lang to have two full-time assistants with Gryphons

A couple quick bullet points from new Guelph football coach Stu Lang's introductory press conference this afternoon. Greg Layson and Mike Treadgold should have more to say (the latter now has a post up).
  • Lang emphasized wanting to create "success that is sustainable" and made mention of Guelph's desire to have a new stadium that would be a focal point on campus.

  • Guelph will indeed have three full-time coaches, including the head man. No word yet on who will end up as the offensive and defensive coordinators.

  • Tom Kendall got some laughs when he said Lang, a former Queen's receiver, "won the Yates Cup as a player at another OUA school."
More to come.
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  1. As a player for the Gryphs we are excited about this hire.
    Coach Lang is who the players put foreward as the best candidate.
    He will be a great leader and will put people in place who have the knowledge to take this program to the next level.
    MSG to the OUA, Lang will make Guelph into a PROGRAM to be reckoned with, not just a team that has a good year every once and awhile.

  2. As a fan I am looking forward to the Stu Lang era and a renewed interst in Gryphon Football from the community at large.

  3. Made a small mistake in my posting, that has since been corrected. I originally wrote that Guelph would be the only university team with 3 F/T coaches, but it was pointed out to me that Laval has 5, and it appears that Guelph is the only OUA team with 3 full-timers.

  4. Ottawa will have 3 full-timers as well. They already have 2 and usually add a Jr. assistant as well.