Basketball: TSN to flex muscle, SSN off the air for women's final

We have another strike against TSN for its 2009-2010 CIS coverage.

The news going around McMaster here is that TSN, who will be showing the women's final on TSN2 tomorrow at 3 pm ET, has kept SSN from providing a feed, either live or otherwise, for the final game. So anyone without TSN2 won't see the final matchup tomorrow.

This is obviously a result of TSN wanting people to watch (or order) TSN2, but it's not like they gain viewers by doing this. If you had the choice between TSN2 on your large TV and SSN on your laptop, you're probably choosing TSN2 already. And if you don't have TSN2 in the first place, all this does is cut off the diehards from watching online.

SSN will be covering all championship-side games next weekend at the men's Final 8, so that's some consolation, but it's worth noting that The Score allowed SSN to do that last year even that's not any different (full disclosure: this site is part of The Score's Sports Federation).

In sum, it's safe to say people had qualms about CIS events going over to TSN, and it's equally safe to say, in hindsight, those people were right.
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1 comment:

  1. why wouldnt TSN put the golf on TSN2...most people get cbs as well so if they dont hae TSN2.

    Nothing like alienating womens sports...go back to The Score next yr.