Football: Gryphons about to go Lang

The working week is almost up with still no head coaching announcement from Guelph.

Spring football is in two weeks for most teams in eastern and central Canada, so one has to believe the decision to hire Stu Lang is coming sooner rather than later. It is unconfirmed by Guelph, but Gryphons players have been told there is a meeting on Saturday. It's not going to be about ordering T-shirts.

Mike Treadgold is running with it like Jimmy Allin through Guelph's special teams. By most accounts, the player response about Lang's personality and football know-how has been very positive.

The only unanswered question is how Guelph AD Tom Kendall allocates his spending on coaches' compensation, namely whether one or both coordinators get a decent salary. It also worth noting the incumbent defensive coordinator, Billy Brown, was a point man for Guelph's recruiting. Keeping him on might make sense from a continuity standpoint. Lang might work for a nominal salary (verrrrrrry nominal), allowing Guelph to hire two coordinators .

Eskimos great Lang a candidate to lead Gryphons (March 23)
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  1. keeping brown on beneficical? Did you watch his defense last year? They had an offense that was like fifth in the nation in yarda and still managed to give up something over 400 yards per game..thats almost impossible to do...go ahead keep brown, do the rest of the OUA a huge favor. Guelph has no chance. You cant change the culture there by keeping the same people. How would he be better thatn Kevin McNeil? McNeil was good enough to be interviewed for HC and Brown wasnt so logic would dictate....and check out their respective records as head coach's of the Guelph Bears....or better yet ask current guelph players who have played for both who they would rather have..

  2. Fair comment, I've heard good about Brown and MacNeill; I don't know them personally so it's only fair not to be prejudicial.

  3. To answer your first question, I did see Brown's defence. It was what you would expect from a team with a lot of first- or second-year players starting.

  4. these days many schools start a large number of 1st and 2nd year players. That is not a good reason. Just an excuse.

  5. "...running with it like Jimmy Allin through Guelph's special teams."

    Ahh, had to get the dig in! Lol, well played.

    If Brown sticks around, I don't think it'll be past June. From all reports, he's going back to teaching with his two-year sabbatical now over. Having him around will help ease the transition to the new regime, which is fine by me.

    Looking forward to the presser and official announcement, not to mention naming of coordinators.

    Cheers, Neate!

  6. What are they thinking?? Hiring a guy with no coaching experience except one year as a position coach. Never been a coordinator? Only one year at college.
    Don't the players deserve better.
    He has never recruited, he has no network for recruiting. Has never even made up a practice plan or worse a game plan or a training camp schedule, etc...
    He may be a great guy and a very successul businessman but that is not what makes a good coach. Just because he played in the CFL does not mean he can coach(ex. McLean at York).
    Hire him as an assitant and let him learn but to throw him to throw him to the wolves, I am afraid, Marshall, McPhee, Jeffries, and others will eat him alive.
    How will he relate to student-athletes how will he mentor them, develop them. how we he deal with adversity without any experience.
    This is the worst possible decision for Guelph and as an Alumnus, I will not be continuing my donations to the program.

    This is very very disappointing and I feel for the players

  7. Probably worth waiting till the coordinators are hired and staff is in place before making snap judgments on this decision, don't you think, anons?

  8. Apparently the Vanier Cup champions were coached by "others." Careful, you'll make Nate run crying to his therapist.

  9. Mike,
    It does not matter who the coordinators are as the vision and philosophy are set by the head coach. Do you really think any qualified coordinators will want to work for someone with out any experience who does not even have experience running a practice, Will the coordinators run the show and Stu be a figure head.What happens when the coordinators move on.

    The bottom line is he has no connections for recruiting, no connections for a staff, and no experience coaching football.
    As mentioned, I have nothing against him personally as I know he is a stand up guy, he is just not THE guy to be head coach.
    We all want a Vanier Cup and I am afraid we will take many steps back as he learns the ropes and by the time he is ready the program will be so far in the hole they will be at the bottom looking up. Is that what we want??

  10. Maybe the price was right? If he's wealthy and doesn't need the salary the AD could be drooling. I heard Walters was the lowest paid coach in the league.

  11. Peter Gryphon3/27/2010 3:09 pm

    I have to admit I'm not as positive about this choice as I would have been if Pat Tracey were selected. But I'm definitely more optimistic than some of the Chicken Littles who are posting.

    There is more than one successful coaching style. He doesn't have to be a hands-on Head Coach & Off Coord like Walters to be successful. A visionary CEO who can motivate and hire good people could work. Treadgold is right about the hiring of coordinators being a big indicator. Hopefully he hires two coordinators with CIS experience and proven recruiting capability. Or, will we see him build a staff of ex-CFLers like McPhee at Waterloo?

  12. Yes, there is one or more styles of coaching BUT you have to have a style first and with no experience at all what kind of style will he bring.
    In business you do not have to make split second decisions as you do in crucial times of the game, in business you can evaluate and make a decision after research.So as you see coaching and running a business are not alike.
    Yes, he can hire good coordinators but who will run the show. Can he hire good coordinators if the money is not there as everyone says.Guelph is not the cheapest place to live and to pick up and move your family it is not going to happen and what you will be left with is another high school coach and we saw how your defense was last year.
    I am afraid that this is the beginning of the demise of Gryphon football.It will have to hit rock bottom before something is done.

    This is not fair to the student-athletes who work their butt off to succeed. I think Stu can become a good coach one day but this is not the time.Make him a coordinator under the guidance or an experienced coach. get him on the road recruiting, get him to help with practice plans, game plans, scouting,then promote him if you want.
    If this was done in the NCAA , the AD would be fired and the President would have questions to answer and you know the Alumni would revolt.
    I hate to say it but this smells like a buy a position type of transaction as everyone says Stu needs no money but is he donating money as well.
    Again, nothing against Stu, I have heard he is a very nice man. I just don't think he is the right man for Guelph or any program right now until he learns the ropes of coaching.

  13. Yes, it would be interesting to not only know how Stu donates now and in the future after this decision. Hate to be cynical, but it sounds like Kendall is chasing the money here, not trying to save the money. Not exactly the way to hire a head coach.