Basketball: All in the attitude for Ravens

What you like about Wayne Kondro's profile of top-seeded Carleton and coach Dave Smart is the honesty that comes across in the piece. It can't be faked.
"Smart has a fondness for inculcating what can only be described as a siege mentality, an 'us against the world' ethic in which the Ravens are the unfortunate victims of dark coaching or media conspiracies to deprive them of the respect he feels they are entitled.

"Smart doesn't take issue with that proposition.

"Am I a bitter human being? Yeah. Do I feel that there are times when we’ve been unfairly treated? Sure. And am I a little paranoid in terms of that? Sure."

"If that's what you call motivation, well, if you put Oz (Jeanty) and I in the same room together for an hour, we could talk about how the entire world hates us and is out to get us."
Canwest News Service also published a tournament preview, which includes RPI. On behalf of Rob Pettapiece, You're welcome.

Smart coaching key to Ravens’ success (Wayne Kondro, Ottawa Citizen)
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1 comment:

  1. I have to laugh every September when someone will inevitably exclaim
    "Carleton's screwed because they lose Doornekamp"...
    or Jeanty, or the Smart Bros, or Kevin McCleery, etc, etc.
    If everyone hasn't figured it out already, Carleton NEVER reloads.