University Cup - Huskies Win!

As I type this the Huskies and their small but vocal contingent of family and fans are starting to celebrate downstairs in one of the hotel meeting rooms. Could be a long night as SMU celebrates their first ever University Cup, with a 3-2 overtime win over the Alberta Golden Bears thanks to Brad Smith knocking in the rebound off captain Marc Rancourt's shot at 9:13.

For those who were at the rink or watched on television, once again CIS hockey delivers a dramatic finish. Add in the feel-good story of Mike Danton that some media were a bit over-fixated on and you get great TV as they say ...

So maybe do we dare hope that CIS hockey might get some games on national TV before next year's University Cup in Fredericton? One can always dream, but I guess we'll have to stick with regional TV and webcasts.

Huskies win first-ever CIS men's hockey title with OT win (CIS story on AUS website)
Huskies win University Cup (Leith Dunick,
SMU claims men's hockey supremacy in super finish (Evan Daum, South Campus Sports)
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