Football: Tracey talk heats up for Gryphons

There's some Pat-stirring going on with the Guelph Gryphons.

Make no mistake, Queen's defence and special teams guru Pat Tracey is the most credentialed coordinator in the OUA to take over a team. Note that he did not issue a flat denial that he is interested in returning to the Guelph Gryphons, where he won a Vanier Cup as a player in 1984 and two Yates Cups in '92 and '96 as an assistant coach.
"Rumours are rampant Tracey has once again applied at Guelph — he admits he did so in 2006 but quickly pulled his name from consideration when he suddenly had to deal with a family illness.

" 'No comment,' was all Tracey wrote in an email response to being asked whether he applied this time around.

"University of Guelph athletic director Tom Kendall said he’s not at liberty to say whether Tracey applied.
It would be a huge turn of events if the Gryphs could get Pat Tracey. It would be a financial seal of approval for football at Guelph, which is itching to rise from being an upper lower middle-class type in OUA football. It would give the program a shot at being first tier, rather than the best of the second tier.

One can only assume Guelph players would rather have a coach they know, from a team which has gone 25-5 the past three seasons, than Steve LaLonde, no disrespect to the latter.

Ultimately, Guelph AD Tom Kendall's first priority is probably to his budget and bean-counters. There are going to be some tough decisions.

Former Gryphons great Pat Tracey has no comment on Guelph’s coaching situation (Greg Layson, Guelph Mercury)
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  1. looks like he would be a great fit for this program and his hiring sooner than later is imperative for the recruits looking at Guelph

  2. Tracey is the guy that Should be Gryphs headman. But, wouldn't Steve LaLonde make a great Off Coordinator.

  3. Pat is a great coach and excellent teacher of the game, as head coach he could certainly bring the components required to elevate this team. Hope it works out and $$$$ doesn't stop him.