Hockey: Western looking for a new women's coach

Western has decided make a change in women's hockey, and Paul Cook is moving on after seven seasons.

It does not exactly come off as a resignation. The Mustangs have won only 27 of 81 league games across the past three seasons and were 53-99-21 overall (or 53-86-21-13, depending how you account for overtime losses).

That is a somewhat better winning percentage than he had in his one and only season in the OHL (16 wins in 66 games with the Kingston Frontenacs), but in that stretch the 'Stangs did not better than a tie for seventh in the 10-team OUA.

That is glaring, considering how popular female hockey is in southern and southwestern Ontario. From the press release:
" 'Paul exhibited unquestionable commitment and passion to keep our women's hockey program moving forward,' said Therese Quigley, Director of Sports and Recreation Services at Western. 'We thank Paul for his efforts and now will begin the search for a strong replacement who will ensure our program can continue to move forward.' "
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  1. This has been a long time coming. He was a relatively unpopular coach and his track record wasn't good enough to overcome that. I know there have been many articles written around campus questioning why he was around for so long.

  2. It's always (i.e., last few years) been odd to have Laurier-Guelph be the main rivalry, with Western barely entering into the picture. I couldn't name any of the Mustang players without a program and even with one I might only know a few.