Hockey: University Cup Seedings and Schedule Released

The CIS has released the pool seedings and game schedule for next week's University Cup.

No real surprises, since you have to separate the two Canada West reps and the OUA as much as possible. I'm a little surprised that Lakehead didn't take the option to start play on Thursday night, and gain a day off if they win, but most host teams do tend to focus on playing Friday and Saturday night for the gate (which means playing three games in three nights if you advance to final). Do you want a better chance to win, or make more money?

Also interesting to note that, so far, SSN is scheduled to webcast all of the games ... but then we're dealing with Sportsnet, not TSN ...

Pool A
1. Alberta
4. Lakehead

Pool B
2. McGill
3. Saint Mary’s
5. Manitoba


Thursday, March 25
14:00 Pool B #1: McGill vs. Manitoba (SSN Canada webcast)
19:30 Pool A #1: Alberta vs. UQTR (SSN Canada webcast)

Friday, March 26
14:00 Pool B #2: Saint Mary’s vs. Loser Pool B #1 (SSN Canada webcast)
19:30 Pool A #2: Lakehead vs. Loser Pool A #1 (SSN Canada webcast)

Saturday, March 27
14:00 Pool B #3: Saint Mary’s vs. Winner Pool B #1 (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)
19:00 Pool A #3: Lakehead vs. Winner Pool A #1 (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)

Sunday, March 28
19:00 University Cup Final (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)

CIS men's hockey: Alberta seeded No. 1 for University Cup (CIS)
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  1. For what it is worth, I'm predicting an Alberta-SMU final.

  2. Looking at recent history the host very rarely plays on Thursday night. Moncton did once in their 2 years of hosting, Alberta played Friday night both times, and prior to that I believe UNB did the same.

    Additionally, I'm not sure it has anything to do with money. The Wednesday Play-off game in Thunder Bay against Western a couple of weeks back was a sell-out, so why would a Thursday game be any different.

    It probably has more to do with a guaranteed National Television appearance than anything. I suspect UNB will do the same when they host next year.

    Perhaps before Kilfoil speculates about such things, he should think them through. If Kilfoil has such a distaste for the way the Thunderwolves operate their program, and host the National Championship, he should then write a full blog about the matter, and air out his laundry for everyone to see.

  3. Does Dave has such a distaste? It sounded more like a honest question.

  4. Lakehead will give Alberta a good run for their money, but I think the Golden Bears will prevail and advance to the finals.

    SMU will underestimate McGill and the Redmen will deliver the upset on live television.

    Alberta – McGill final … Alberta wins the Cavendish (University) cup in Thunder Bay.

    just a guess of course ... :)

    I'm really glad to see that Rogers Sportsnet is onboard again this year. I thought they did a great job last year with the live games in Thunder Bay.

    Allowing SSN to webcast all games is another good thing ... unlike TSN.

    2 Thumbs up for Rogers! ... thumbs down for TSN

  5. A few of us who spend too much time debating the benefits of the host avoiding three games in three nights by playing Thursday think the only reason you wouldn't do it is because you prefer the Friday/Saturday home crowds. We hadn't really talked much about wanting the TV coverage.

    Yes, we're perhaps trying to over-think this, but doesn't it make sense to NOT have to play three games in three nights to lessen the physical toll on players' bodies? Don't you want to be as rested as possible for the Sunday championship game? I agree, not very often do hosts play on Thursday, but it just seems like a wise decision to make. I think any team that plays the first day of the University Cup will have an advantage come Sunday. I don't have time to crunch the success stats ... but maybe someone will help me out (Eric?)

    Will UNB play Thursday when they host next year? I don't know, but I do plan to ask the coach about it ...

    Anon 1:34 are you reading too much in my casual comment because I didn't pick Lakehead to be in the final? I can't think how else I could be perceived as dissing LU.

  6. When you are a small school like Lakehead, I would think the guaranteed national television coverage is extremely valuable, simply from a marketing/ student recruitment perspective.

  7. I predict a Lakehead 4-2 win over Manitoba in the final. Dave your piece was fine...

    Mike Aylward

  8. IMO when you play Friday the advantage is that you play a team coming off a loss and may be out of it, especially if they lost by 2 or more goals.

  9. You don't want to play three games in a row. As far as the size of the crowd goes, if your'e in a market that will support a national tournament game on a Friday night with the host, you're in a market that's going to support a Thursday night game as well.
    I don't think there is any worry that T-Bay wouldn't support a Thursday night game vs. a Friday one. The whole point of the national tournament is to win, and you have the best opportunity to do so by not playing three games in three nights - I think most coaches would agree with this. There's also a benefit to having the host team play Thursday night from an overall tournament publicity standpoint since it stirs up interest in the tournament on day one. I have to agree with Dave on this one - playing Thursday night as the host in my opinion is the way to go. Is this overanalyzing the situation? Possibly, but historically teams that play three games in three nights don't fair as well as team that have a day off.