Men's basketball: PER rankings, 2009-2010

(Part two of our year-end player rankings; refer to the women's version for explanations.)

One difference between the men and women for 2009-2010 is I kept the 400-minute cutoff for the men, since most games were scored correctly.

Top 10 players in PER, 2009-2010
1. 37.3: Showron Glover, Saskatchewan (699 minutes played) (#6 in 2008-2009)
2. 35.9: Boris Bakovic, Ryerson (802 MP) (1)
3. 35.3: Ross Bekkering, Calgary (599 MP) (24)
4. 34.7: Kevin McCleery, Carleton (544 MP) (5)
5. 33.8: Josh Whyte, UBC (489 MP) (9)
6. 32.8: Joey Haywood, SMU (694 MP) (14)
7. 31.6: Mitch Leger, Queen's (699 MP) (NR)
8. 31.5: Josh Gibson-Bascombe (783 MP) (6)
9. 30.8: Jacob Doerkson (605 MP) (3)
10. 30.6: Christian Upshaw, St. F-X (567) (10)

The MVP candidates are Josh Whyte, McMaster's Keenan Jeppesen (13th), Josh Gibson-Bascombe, McGill's Matthew Thornhill (20th), and Christian Upshaw (10th). Someone with more time could go through and make a statistical argument for one of them, but if it comes down to Joshua East and West, the Ottawa version has about 300 more minutes to his credit, probably making up for the No. 8 vs. No. 5 ranking. (A future improvement to this ranking would consider the quality of opposition, for any of you about to load and fire your "JGB got to play RMC!" cannon.) My uninformed vote goes to either Whyte or Glover (who wasn't nominated), but Gibson-Bascombe is hard to argue with.

I also won't bore you with a detailed comparison of the MUBL draft results to this list, but Andrew surprisingly finished third in the league despite having the second-, fourth-, fifth-, and twelfth-ranked players, and our first round picks ended up at 2-13-38-9-1-3, with some guy choosing Mark McLaughlin when, in hindsight, there were dozens of better choices with the third pick.

What's also kind of impressive is, of the 10 players listed above, seven made last year's top 10. Compare that with the women, who only had four repeating top-10 players this year, and only three last year. If Mitch Leger had played enough to make the top 25 in 2008-2009, then essentially every top-10 player this year would have been in last year's top 25. And with only three players in their fifth year of eligibility (Bekkering, McCleery, Gibson-Bascombe), one would expect many of these players to be leading the rankings next year.

No rookie dominated the league like Jessica Clémençon (who's not your typical first-year player) did this year, but among rookie-of-the-year candidates, we have Alberta's Jordan Baker (64th), Brock's Clinton Springer-Williams (21st), Laurentian's Manny Pasquale (59th), Owen Klassen from Acadia (49th), and McGill guard Olivier Bouchard (not ranked). This probably goes to Slick Willie, as Neate concluded.
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  1. where do you find the rest of the men's PER rankings?

  2. Yes, linking to that would probably help, wouldn't it? They're here (along with the women's rankings).