University Cup - Day 2 Recap

Fans of McGill must be getting frustrated, as the Redmen blew another two goal lead in losing to Saint Mary's 4-2 in the Friday afternoon game. However, I thought the Huskies were the stronger team in the first period, even though McGill scored two opportunistic goals. The Huskies fore check was definitely more physical than that of the Redmen, and their star forward Francis Verreault-Paul took several retaliation penalties out of apparent frustration from his treatment at the hands of SMU. In the third period the Huskies showed they can play a smothering shut-down team defence as good as any out there.

For Lakehead's first game in the evening, we finally got a fan presence (around 3000) at Fort Williams Gardens, to the extreme of almost being deafening. The more LU pounded in the goals, the more ecstatic the crowd became. Add in all of the hubbub next door at the Wolf Den in the attached curling club and a fun time was had by all ... except les Patriotes. There was no flow in this 7-2 rout, what with 18 power plays in the very tightly called contest. However, I don't think that bothered the home fans one bit.

Evan brings up an important point in his blog. Today we're back to the more simple you-win-you're-in semi-finals and don't have to worry about tie breaking formulas. Too bad, last year I kinda enjoyed watching the drive-by media scratching their heads when teams were pulling goalies and counting plus-minuses.

We'll once again have livecasts of the afternoon SMU-Manitoba and evening Lakehead-Alberta tilts.

GAME 2 POOL B: CIS championship: No. 3 Huskies come back, eliminate McGill (CIS)
GAME 2 POOL A: CIS championship: Host Lakehead eliminates UQTR (CIS)
Semifinal Saturday: This time it's easy (Evan Daum, South Campus Sports)
Huskies eliminate McGill (Leith Dunick,
Wolves slam Patriotes (Leith Dunick,
Ex-Patriotes (Reuben Villagracia, The Chronicle Journal)
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