Women's basketball Top 10 tracker: SFU beats #1 and #4; Huskies swept by the Pacific, Tigers by the Atlantic

  1. Alberta: Lost 72-62 to SFU; beat Trinity Western 55-46. The Clan were only up by two after three, and Alberta tied the score at one point, but an 11-3 run in the final four minutes took the game away from the Pandas. The next day, they managed only 9 points in the first against TWU but won anyway. Melanie Schlichter probably had the best overall weekend, but nobody seems to have stood out.

  2. Simon Fraser: Beat Alberta and Saskatchewan. Courtney Gerwing and Laurelle Weigl each grabbed 18 points in the Alberta game and combined for 29 against Saskatchewan. Matteke Hutzler was 8-for-10 in the Huskies game as well. Ten bucks says the Clan are back on top in Tuesday's edition of the Top 10.

  3. Windsor: Beat Carleton by 7, lost to Ottawa by 2. 4-for-34 from beyond the arc over the weekend; that's...unfortunate. Dranadia Roc appears to have had an off-day vs. Carleton (4 points on 9 shots, one assist in only 16 minutes) although it didn't hurt the team in the end as Iva Peklova had a great day (5 of 6 for 13, 18 rebounds).

  4. Saskatchewan: Not a great weekend for the Huskies, who lost decisively to SFU and unceremoniously to TWU. Jana Spindler and Kim Tulloch scored half of Saskatchewan's points in the SFU game, possibly indicating the Clan knew how to shut down the supporting players.

  5. Dalhousie: Somewhat shockingly, they lost both games at Memorial (75-71 yesterday and 72-69 today, both tough losses). They came alive in the fourth quarter of the first game, outscoring Memorial 29-17, but unfortunately for the Tigers, the first three quarters also count.

  6. Calgary: Destroyed Brandon and lost to Regina, both at home. There's not much to say about the Brandon game, given that they were facing an opponent who shot 29% from the floor. Against Regina, it was the Dinos' turn to miss three-quarters of their shots, as the best individual FG% was 33%. Looks like a bad second quarter did them in. Ashley Hill was arguably the Dinos' best player in both games.

  7. Winnipeg: Won both games at home, one against TRU and one against UFV. Scored more points aginst UFV in the third quarter than TRU scored against them in the last three quarters. Alexandra MacIver picked up double-doubles in both games, with Jessica Stromberg joining her against Fraser Valley. Mackenzie Prasek also had a great weekend, percentage-wise.

  8. Regina: How'd you like to be Lethbridge after their loss to Regina? Score by quarters: 23-12, 20-8, 33-9, 12-11 (surely with second-stringers in the game). Four Cougars reached double digits in that game. Also beat Calgary, as noted above, and four players reached 10 points or more, Jessica Lynch and Chelsea Cassano the ones who did it in both games. Cassano also had 10 boards against Calgary.

  9. UQAM: The season starts next week in Quebec. Distinct society and all.

  10. Laurentian: Had a good first quarter against Brock (18-7) but outscored 65-48 in the other three. Beat Guelph in their second game in Southern Ontario, 66-58. Katie Goggins (6-10, 15 points) and Darrah Bumstead (4-11, 10 points, 10 boards) were the standouts in the Guelph game. The Lady Vees once again took most of the rebounds: this weekend, just over 70%.

Top performances of the week (explanation here):

41.0, Jacob Doerksen (Trinity Western, 11/07 vs. Saskatchewan)
28.9, Simon Farine (Dalhousie, 11/09 at Memorial)
26.3, Josh Beattie (Dalhousie, 11/09 at Memorial)
25.7, Nick Lother (Winnipeg, 11/08 vs. TRU)
25.3, Greg Surmacz (Windsor, 11/07 vs. Carleton)

29.6, Heather Boer (UFV, 11/08 at Manitoba)
24.7, Anne Murphy (Queen's, 11/08 vs. Laurier)
20.2, Jehlica Kirnon (Cape Breton, 11/08 vs. UPEI)
19.8, Iva Peklova (Windsor, 11/07 vs. Carleton)
19.6, Kayla Dykstra (Victoria, vs. UBC)
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  1. That's one very impressive game score Murphy put up against Laurier. There's a lot on her shoulders this year, with so many of Queen's former stars gone.

  2. On the women's side, UBC's Alex Vieweg scored 25 points against Victoria on November 7.

  3. Three cheers for your ongoing following of women's basketball!

  4. So nice to read a post for once where Neate doesn't mention that Matty Hutzler is from Napanee and that she is Aaron Doornkamp's cousin.

  5. Good catch on Vieweg. She would have been on the women's list if not for her five turnovers. Leanne Evans also had a pretty good game against Victoria...with Dykstra's performance for the Vikes, that one must have been fun to watch.

  6. By the way, if anyone's wondering why the Waterloo student has been short on providing any Warriors notes, this is why.

    Who needs overtime to beat RMC?

  7. The Whig had a piece on that actually: notable because RMC almost didn't lose! Maybe the Warriors just want to play more, though: they beat Queen's in OT the night before.