Football: Laval makes bid for next two Vaniers

Laval has made its pitch to host the next two Vanier Cups.
  • Laval would host the game in 2009 and '10. This is a sticking point since Stade PEPS will not have lights until 2010; the school would not be obligated to push up the date for their installation.
  • The event would be the weekend before the Grey Cup. This could be a non-starter since after all, one league (cough, Ontario) persists in having an extra layer of playoffs. Canada West already starts its season in August to fit in an eight-game schedule for a seven-team (for now) league.
  • They'd like an answer before the Christmas holidays.
Honestly, it would be understandable if people believe Laval is overplaying its hand ... Rouge et Or president Jacques Tanguay has more vision in his pinky than a lot of sports-admin types in this country have in their entire bodies, but it might the Balsillie effect ... people don't look feeling pushed.

A Vanier Cup in Québec City is overdue. Consider the fact that RDS drew three times the TV audience that The Score did for last Saturday's Western-Laval championship game. Maybe it should be played there every season.

(Three times the audience, really.)

Le Coupe si ... (Jean-François Tardif, Le Soleil)
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  1. Is there a bid to kick these assholes out of the CIS?

    Seriously, this league is a joke. The status quo cannot continue; piles of money (*cough* you know who) + lack of regulatory oversight = the farce we have now in Canadian college football.

  2. Whay are they "assholes"?
    Because they win?
    Because they must cheat because they win?
    What's your beef?
    Truth is, football is exploding at the grass roots level in Quebec, with franco phone players taking to the game in unprecedented numbers.
    At one time football in Quebec was largely an anglophone game.
    Not anymore.
    Since there aren't many places for francophone players to to play college football, naturally they would gravitate to Laval.
    Is it Laval's fault that they have been extremely successful and draw sell-out crowds?
    Typical attitude in this country...if you are good at what you do there is something wrong here.
    It's pathetic, really.