Vanier Cup midday links

The London Free Press sums it up: Laval has earned right to strut.

David Grossman at the Toronto Star already has a story up about Pat Sheahan winning the Frank Tindall Trophy. (The word "Golden" does not make an appearance, though.) Grossman also profiled U of T's Russ Jackson Award-winning QB, David Hamilton.

The National Post ("Jealous of a juggernaut") talked to Queen's professor emeritus Merv Daub for a column on Laval, but it's not clear they listened. Laval, in Daub's words, certainly "is a NCAA Division 1 operation" and as he puts it, "As long as they choose that model and virtually nobody else chooses that model, then they're going to dominate."

That doesn't sound resentful toward Laval. No one should begrudge Laval their success -- they should wonder why the other universities in the eastern half of Canada don't do anything about the uneven playing field ("If you can't beat Laval, try joining 'em, Nov. 27, 2006).

Hec Crighton Trophy winner Benoit Groulx gets some adulation from the National Post.

SCANDAL! The Barrie Examiner, in a feature story on the players from its coverage area who play for Western, refers to the Mustangs as the "silver and blue."

Western's Barrie boys include the twins, Adam and Andrew Hrytzak.

Last but not least, it is worth checking up to see what the homoetown papers did on the national award winners. The Kingston Whig-Standard has a full-length story on Queen's Presidents' Trophy winner, Thaine Carter. One hopes Carter's hometown Nanaimo Daily News is working on a follow-up for tomorrow's edition. The K-W Record did not talk to Warriors linebacker Jordan Verdone, the CIS rookie of the year, but on balance it does have two university stories on its website.
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