Quotes on Sheahan's win

I'll have a preview of today's Vanier Cup game up shortly. Until then, here's the promised quotes on the Frank Tindall Trophy from yesterday's Coach of the Year breakfast and the interviews I got afterwards;

Queen's head coach Pat Sheahan:

-On the significance of the award:
“It’s certainly a pleaures to be associated with Frank Tindall. He was a great guy. What I’ve learned about him – I only met him twice, but what I’ve learned about him from the players who played for him is that they revered him. Forty, 50 years later, they still talk about him with such reverence. To win the trophy for Queen’s in his name, I think it’s quite special."

-On if it's extra special to win this in the same year Tindall Field was revamped and reopened:
"The fact that Frank's spirit and image have been brought back to Queen’s in such a way, it’s nice that we could follow through with that. We would have liked to have brought a little more hardware back to Queen’s this year, but that’s football and that’s life. We’ll be back."

-On if it was tough to come to Queen's and follow in the footsteps of legends like Tindall and Doug Hargreaves:
"I think there’s pressure everywhere you coach, but certainly there was some at Queen’s. Queen’s had won the national title, they had a historic legacy in football, so that brings with it its own pressure. First of all, the first step is to get the program back to the same level and then keep getting there. Year after year, keep taking a shot."

-On the large amounts of individual recognition his players won this year:
"I’m very proud of them. I'm very proud of our coaches. We’ve been able to recruit a lot of fine young men, and what’s happened is at Queen's they’ve been able to develop into not just fine young men, but into great athletes. It’s very special to see them recognized."

Queen's Director of Athletics and Recreation Leslie Dal Cin:

On the award:
"I think it's a tribute to the athletes and the coaching staff and what they've been able to do this year, and I think it's wonderful for Pat and his family."

On how the sum total of the awards showcases Queen's strength:
"I think it's a football program to be reckoned with. I think if we continue to build on it, we're confident that we can go the next step and the next step and hopefully be playing in the Vanier and bring it home not that far in the future."

Queen's linebacker and President's Trophy winner Thaine Carter:

On Sheahan's award:
"Coach of the year, that’s nothing to be surprised about. Coach Sheahan’s a great guy. He’s a family man, a strong leader, a strong mentor to all the boys, really, really looks after us well. He deserves everything that comes his way. That guy works hard. He works very hard. It’s good for our school, it's good for our team and it's good for all of us to see him being recognized this way."

On what he's learned from Sheahan over the years:
"There’s too much to tell. I could write a chapter book on what I’ve learned from him. He really instills becoming the full man, the complete package. He tries to make sure that each individual who passes through the program has a truly unique and truly individual exp, and he really helps out in a lot of ways, so for me to say one thing about him would be pretty hard."

Queen's quarterback Dan Brannagan:

On what he's learned from Sheahan:
"You can come in and develop your physical skills a little, but it's mostly a mental thing. Coach has really been great with me and helped me out a lot, and my development has definitely been a direct result of his coaching."

On how Queen's won so many awards:
"I think it's definitely a result of Coach Sheahan going out there and recruiting and getting people like me, and then putting us in a system to develop those athletes that we have. I think it's a great honour for Queen's."
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