Women's basketball top 10: Clan find Holes in WolfPack defense; only two losses by top 10 teams

Rankings are from our RPI, with the coaches' top 10 in brackets.

  1. Simon Fraser (#1 in the coaches poll): 90-53 and 103-57 over TRU at home. 20 points for Kate Hole in the first game and 21 for Robyn Buna in the second. SFU shot 53% on Saturday and that's really all you can say about two games against the 36th-ranked team.

  2. Saskatchewan (#4): Beat Winnipeg by a lot on Saturday despite not scoring any points and having no players on the court. Well, that's what the boxscore says. The Huskies' recap says their leading scorers were "Lindsay Copeland with 17, Kim Tulloch with 15 and Lauren Whyte with 11." As for Friday, the game for which the CIS is less of a joke, seems like an interesting one: beat Manitoba by 8, but it looks like it was closer than that, and eleven Huskies managed to score. Jana Spindler stood out with 17.

  3. Windsor (#3): Scored 31 in the third quarter against RMC, who managed just 46 in all four. 21 in 15 minutes for Dranadia Roc and the Lancers were 7/16 from long range, but it's RMC. Queen's didn't fare much better the next night, losing by 20. Kind of an off-night for Windsor, shooting just 38% from the field, but Emily Abbott bucked the low-percentage trend and picked up 13 (2/4 from long range, 2/3 from the field, 3/3 from the line).

  4. Alberta (#5): Won both games at home. Every Panda on the roster scored against Winnipeg in a 92-47 mauling on Friday night. The Wesmen had 11 rebounds in the U of A's end; Ashley Wigg had ten of her own and that tells you about all you need to know. Wigg also scored 13. Last night's game was a 75-53 win over Manitoba in which Wigg led the team with 19.

  5. Victoria (#9): Beat UBC in their only scheduled game for the weekend, 71 to 40. Kayla Dykstra's 20 points and 18 rebounds were nearly enough on their own, although she was only 8 of 23 from the field. That's four in a row for the Vikes, although only the last was against a decent team.

  6. Memorial (#8): Mere hours ago, knocked off Acadia at home, 73-66. This comes a day after their big win over the Axewomen. Victoria Thistle (27 points, 8 rebounds in 32 minutes) and Alexandria Forsey (17 including 14 as she went 7/9 from the field) led the Sea-Hawks today.

  7. Calgary (#7): No games scheduled.

  8. UBC (NR): Friday's loss to UVic was "the worst suffered [at home] by the T-Birds since the 2003-04 season" and I suspect they'll be shuffled out of the top 10 for that.

  9. Regina (#2): Beat Brandon twice, by 7 on Friday (in overtime) and by 48 on Saturday (not in overtime). The Bobcats must have put all their effort into the first five quarters of the weekend. Chelsea Cassano had 20 on Friday; Jessica Lynch had 17 but added 19 boards. Jacquie Kenyon (a Clan member in a past life) scored 13 on Saturday without missing a shot.

  10. Toronto (NR): Along with a 30% shooting percentage, the third quarter killed their chances on Friday against the Badgers: outscored by 12 en route to a 19-point loss. Tara Kinnear contributed 19 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. Last night, U of T beat Guelph 83-73 behind another double-double from Kinnear, 12 from Erin McNeely, and 25 from Alaine Hutton.

Other Top 10 teams as per the coaches: Winnipeg (20th in RPI) lost by 30 to the U of S and that was their close game; Cape Breton (15th) beat UNB 83-50 (32 in 32 for Kelly Hodgson) but lose ten University Points for putting an apostrophe in "Sports Teams."

Top performances of the week against non-RMC teams (explanation here):
25.3, Taylor Smith (McMaster, 11/29 vs. Laurentian)
19.2, Melanie Thompson (Brandon, 11/28 vs. Regina)
19.2, Jessica Lynch (Regina, 11/28 at Brandon)
18.3, Ashley Wigg (Alberta, 11/28 vs. Winnipeg)
18.2, Tara Kinnear (Toronto, 11/29 vs. Guelph)
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1 comment:

  1. The Carleton Ravens are in first place!
    Yeah, so what?
    They've been in first place for nine years.
    No, the Carleton WOMEN Ravens are in first place, for the first time since God knows when.
    The Lady Ravens sit all alone in first place in the OUA East with a 6-3 record.
    And had they not dropped a pair of last minute decisions to Lakehead and MAC, the Ravens could have been 8-1 at the Christmas break.
    Carleton lost on the road to Windsor 61-55 in their season opener.
    Considering Windsor is the top ranked team in Ontario and top 5 nationally, even that defeat was a pretty solid performance.
    Credit must go to former Dave Smart right hand man Taffe Charles, who has got his team playing like their male counterparts, tenaciously defending their basket like their lives depended on it.
    There is no reason to believe that Carleton can't do equally as well against their divisional opponents.
    Pretty good stuff from a program which was not too many years ago the laughing stock of the country.