Football: Mitchell Bowl second-half liveblog

First half here.


After a few drives and six or so minutes, Western crosses midfield to the 36. (Nathan Riva's hamstring must be fine, since he's back in the game regularly and has been for most of the game since his injury.) Darryl Wheeler hits the uprights again and no score for the Mustangs this drive.

The Mustangs start to pound the left side, both in the air and on the ground, and gain 50 yards in two plays. They pick up a field goal in the end, as Wheeler connects for the second time in five attempts. 28-12. The broadcasters are already talking about Western's chances in the Vanier.

SMU actually drives over midfield for a change, but an objectionable conduct penalty leads to a long field goal attempt, which is short.

Faulds tries to hook up with Zach Bull on a long pass, but the Huskies are called for another interference penalty (their ninth overall to Western's one). The quarter ends with the Mustangs moving over midfield again. It's still a two-score game, but not by much.


As Neate pointed out during the first half, you wonder why Saint Mary's went away from the rushing game when they have 226 rushing yards through three quarters and a quarterback prone to the yips so far today.

Whatever offense they use, they'll need it all on this drive, starting from their own 5. Craig Leger gains 16 on the ground immediately and then two passes are incomplete, one hitting a receiver's arms and the other being about 10 feet overthrown. Second-guessing is easy (and fun!) but that drive doesn't look good in retrospect.

Butler returns a punt 39 yards as Saint Mary's looks like they've hit their ceiling for today. It's been very difficult for them to gain yards with any consistency, and even though they've kept the Mustangs within two scores, time is running out.

...And a lot of time has run out during that Rob-checks-on-dinner break. Still 28-12, though, and the first play I see is an SMU pass that bounces off a receiver's hands yet again. There are two minutes left now and the Mustang fans start singing the song you'd expect them to sing at this point.
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