Football: Old Crows renew push to revive Ravens football

News about Carleton's possible revival football has come out in drabs and drips ... the campus newspaper had a story today.
"It's been an opportune time to explore the feasibility of the program returning," he said. "I believe Dr. Runte (Carleton's president) is open to the possibility of it coming back."— Kevin McKerrow, Old Crow Society (Carleton football alumni)
No formal application has been made to the OUA. It is understood it would take at least 18 months from that point before the team enters the league.

Alumni push for football revival (Carleton Charlatan)
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1 comment:

  1. There is a possibility that football could be revived at Careton.
    After all, men's hockey has successfully returned after an absence of over thirty years.
    For the the good things former AD Drew Love did for Carleton athletics, gassing the football program remains his most controversial decision.
    It was very, very unpopular at the time.
    With Love now serving as McGill's AD,the attitude towards reviving football...Love was adamantly opposed...has changed.
    I think within 5-10 years it will be back.