Too much geography, indeed; the airing of grievances

It is more amusing than anything else that the viewpoints could be so different
at either of the country, but that is sports in Canada.

On the West Coast, Simon Fraser and UBC are trying to bolt for the NCAA, as this site's founder noted in today's Globe & Mail. Down on the East Coast, it is considered a huge get that the Atlantic conference is bidding unopposed for the 2011 and 2012 Final 8 men's basketball tournaments, along with the UniversityC up.
"It’s possible that the rest of the CIS field was more than content to have the tournament return to Halifax. It was common knowledge that the AUS would return to the bidding process to get the tournament back." -- The Halifax Herald
Some would say that they didn't know the Alexander Keith's brewery made a set of beer goggles that would allow anyone to believe it is positive when only one conference out of four bids for national championships in two major men's team sports. Then again, Haligonians were super P.O.'d to lose the Final 8 to Ottawa and hey, all news is local.

The discontent could be cut with a knife. The comments here and here; the anger over Canada West's shortsighted decision not to put is final on national television; and having "cost-effectiveness" rule every decision is pushing the bile with a lot of people.

It all comes back to a lack of vision, along with the "not enough history, too much geography" thing that MacKenzie King snarked off about decades ago. It is understandable that people down at 801 King Edward Ave. in Ottawa are political beings, which makes them no difference from, let's be honest, a lot of other sports-admin folk in this country. Still, what's the vision here?

Business as usual is not an option;Canadian teams explore joining NCAA (James Mirtle,
It was a banner day for the AUS (Halifax Herald, Nov. 7)
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