Hoops: Brock goes back to its Rootes

"Brad Rootes, who spent the past two months playing professional basketball in eastern Europe, is now assistant coach of the Brock Badgers’ men’s hoops squad.

The 24-year-old Niagara Falls native is one step closer to reaching his eventual goal: Becoming head coach of the team, which he led to its second national basketball championship in the spring.
Rootes, the lynchpin of the unlikeliest Final 8 champion since the late '90s, had a stint in the Ukraine. The story details that it didn't necessarily agree with him, but then again, as anyone who saw the nationals in Ottawa might saw, Mr. Brock Badger wasn't meant to be schlepping around Europe to play basketball -- he was meant to be in the Niagara Region. One wishes him all the best in his coaching career.

Rootes back from professional basketball stint in Europe; Becomes assistant coach of men's basketball team at Brock (Ray Spiteri, Niagara Falls Review)
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