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Andrew gave a good survey in October of the three British Columbuia to join Canada West -- the UNBC Timberwolves, Vancouver Island Mariners and UBC Okanagan Heat.

Canada West has wrapped up its visits to all three schools. It will not tip its hand over which way it is leaning.

Of the three, there should be some sentiment to see UNBC be welcomed in, given its track record of great community support for its teams, although it's only looking to go in for basketball. The other two athletic aspirants, as Andrew noted, are much more ambitious about pursuing full membership, but just got university status a couple years ago.

Breaking down the potential new CIS members... (Oct. 11)
UNBC outta sight (Prince George Citizen, Nov. 14)
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  1. UNBC really makes a lot of sense, even considering that they aren't going for a wide-ranging bid. Prince George is a great sports town; the main problem I see is the travel (for them more than opponents), but that won't be too bad if they don't take on too many sports at first. UBC-O is in a good location, but questions about the UBC ties have to be raised and the NCAA situation complicates matters. VIU is a tougher sell in my mind, especially considering how close they are to UVic, how new they are as a university and how their own coaches don't even seem committed to this plan.