Football: Arguments for Argos to consider Marshall

Greg Marshall returned to the University of Western Ontario and won back-to-back OUA football championships in his first two seasons. Should that not make him someone the Argos would be interested in as head coach? -- Sun Media

The Toronto Star's Damien Cox used a similar tack on TSN's The Sports Reporters, which means they might have missed it during Vanier Cup week when Laval's Glen Constantin made his "10 years at $100,000 or one year at $300,000" line.

Why would Marshall want to leave? His salary, according to the online scuttlebutt, is in the $125,000-$130,000 range. The incoming athletic director, Therese Quigley, is the same one whom he worked with at McMaster. He has the job for as long he wants, he is coaching his son, Donnie Marshall (the backup QB last season) and he's regarded a god in London. Some would say he's with a far more professional organization than he was with in Hamilton from 2004-06.

Half the teams in the CFL have made or are making a coaching change. Three of the other four teams had someone in his first year on the job this season. The B.C. Lions, under Wally Buono, are the only team which has had the same coach since way back in 2006.

That's the reality of pro football, and it ain't pretty.

(Thanks to Greg Layson for the tip.)

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