Football: Good rants grow in On-tar-io; consternation over Can West's self-imposed blackout

Toronto sports radio personality Mike Hogan has not spared his thoughts about the Simon Fraser-Calgary Canada West championship game not being aired nationally.

Check out the post he put up over at about the whole fiasco.

It would not seem right to just put it up here. It counts as being on the record (he uses his real name), but it might be personal for the staff members at The Score, plus the dot-org is a better forum for such a discusssion. The only addendum from here is that it would have been great to see that game; apparently only Shaw Cable customers will. This is 2008, by the way.

Please read what Mr. Hogan has to say in its entirety, which is exactly how The Score would have liked to have shown the SFU-Calgary game.
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  1. Too bad this isn't on national TV. Unacceptable really, although there's a shitload of good competition on TV tomorrow (UWO-Ottawa, CFL playoffs, key NCAA match-ups).

    Well, at least the SFU or Calgary versus Laval game will be aired nationally... ah, this might not be a good thing as Laval will be up by four touchdowns by half-time.

  2. Another in the long line of executive decisions that cast CIS sports as glorified intramurals in the eyes of a growing many. Once again, the absence of any direction/leadership/pulse from the Barnum and Bailey team of McGregor and Metuzals in Ottawa is noteable. Look no further than King Edward Avenue in our Nation's Capital and the committee of CIS member school AD's that continue to allow these politicians to "lead" the CIS for reasons why this and other stuff (basically no bid on the biggest money maker for the CIS - Men's basketball nationals) happens.

    In the end, the CIS is a glorified government institution, deriving the majority of their operating dollars from taxing students and transfer payments from their universities which, you guessed it, are heavily subsidized by our tax dollars. It is no wonder we get politicians running these crown corporations into mediocrity.

    Five More Years !!!

  3. anon wrote----"In the end, the CIS is a glorified government institution"

    All our universities are glorified government institutions, so it is no wonder the CIS organization is as well. External customer driven service and in particular, selling a product, are not hallmarks of government functionaries' expertise . They tend to look inward first, and that has long been the problem.