SFU has apparently put in the Grinnell College offence

Who do you zing for this one? The league which had the wrong stats on its website or the broadcasters who could not pick out an obvious error and repeated it as fact?

During the Rogers broadcast out of London of the Carleton-Western women's game tonight, there was a graphic that listed the highest-scoring teams in the country. At the top of the list, there was Simon Fraser, averaging 141.5 points per game.

This has happened before -- the stats from one team get entered twice, so everyone's totals are doubled. (SFU's Laurelle Weigl is listed averaging 36.5 points and 13.5 rebounds in 59 minutes per game through Friday's games; her actual averages, are 18.75 and 6.75 in 29.5, which is very good.)

It's more humourous than anything else, but it is very frustrating for broadcasters and writers who count on this being right in order to do their jobs.

(Now, just to explain the headline, here's a YouTube clip of Grinnell College's "continuous full press," run by one-time Guelph coach Dave Arseneault. Referees should get extra pay for working their games.

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  1. His name is actually Dave Arsenault he used to coach here in Canada as an assistant at Mac and Guelph in the early 80's

  2. We're each half right ... I double-checked the last name with the Grinnell website, and was so proud of myself that Dave became Dan.