Men's hockey: DaSilva and marketing gold

Canada West and the WHL have a monthly award that the other two hockey conferences and two major junior leagues in their regions would do well to emulate:
The Canada West Universities Athletic Association and the Western Hockey League are pleased to announce that forward Steven DaSilva of the University of Saskatchewan Huskies has been named the Canada West Hockey-HUSKY WHL Graduate of the Month for October 2008." — WHL press release
It doesn't seem like it would have a big impact, but think of the fan sitting at home who might go to 10-15 junior games a season, but scarcely gives a thought to attending a university game. If he/she is given a better idea of the calibre of player in the league, maybe that is more of a prod to check out a game. In DaSilva's case, this is a player who totalled 180 points over his final two WHL seasons, which would have been like 225, 240 points in the two eastern leagues.
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