Football: Bloomfield out as X's coach

The rumbling seems to be John Bloomfield knew football, but struggled to satisfy the people he was supposed to please off the field.

Bloomfield's ouster, with two seasons left on his contract, cannot just be for football reasons. St. Francis Xavier was a couple plays away from beating Saint Mary's in either of the past two Loney Bowls and they have more talent than they did 4-5 years ago. Obviously, someone higher up must have been ticked off at him, and when that happens, they can do whatever they want. On a personal level, firing a coach with a family four weeks before Christmas might seem like poor form, but if St. FX felt the situation could not persist, then the best timing is to do it ASAP.

Bloomfield had great success as a high school coach in the Windsor area. The Lancers, though, are set for a coach and offensive co-ordinator ...

Bloomfield sacked at St. Francis Xavier (Monty Mosher, Halifax Herald)
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  1. As an X alumnus and classmate of many of John Bloomfield's players throughout his tenure at X, I will say that this is well-deserved. A CIS football coach complaining about being fired less than a week after the Vanier is ridiculous. Would he rather X had strung him along until January 5th or so, then done it on his first day back to work after the holidays? Bloomfield is a classless, manipulative individual, and why X ever gave him an extension last year is beyond me.

    I can't speak to what his relationships with his players were like (though I do have a few anecdotal stories that I have no way of knowing the truthfulness of), I know that he did not take his other responsibilities within the campus community seriously, and alienated many people because of this.

  2. Stories of infidelity on his part???