Football: DeLaval staying on with U of T

Greg DeLaval is standing by his men.

Long story short, friend of the blog Greg Layson contacted the Toronto Varsity Blues coach of the same first name about him possibly taking an assistant's job in the CFL. Eleven minutes after e-mailing Layson, he posted to Canada Football Chat that he was staying put:
"I let the Alouettes know that I was honored to have been contacted and considered and thanked them for their interest in me.

"I thought about all of the positive experiences I’ve had since becoming the head coach at U of T and all of the dedicated players and coaches that I work with. I’ve had incredible support from the administration and alumni and I realized that I still have much to do at U of T."
It is admirable DeLaval is staying on with U of T and was open about his decision. One can say that without passing judgment on coaches who leave for a CFL gig. It is a step up the coaching ladder and might offer better pay, plus there is a burnout factor in running a university team.

A lot of people have a soft spot, where they would like to see the Varsity Blues get back to the playoffs, although the tune changes if it's at their team's expense.
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