Queen's hikes athletics fee, making it OUA's highest

As Bucholtz noted over at Sporting Madness, Queen's Athletics has raised its athletics fee to $251, making it the highest among Ontario University Athletics member institutions. Eleven other schools, according to Andrew's report, are likely going to seek an increase in the next two years

My dear friend, CFRC 101.9 sports director Tyler King, has been a dissenting voice about the funding increase on this on his Friday afternoon show, Offsides. The crux of his argument seemed to be that this was less about doing better and more about maintaining the current standards, which have included scarcely few national championships since the last football Vanier Cup in 1992 and the women's soccer team winning the whole megillah back in '88.

The great part about being an alumnus is that you don't have to care; it's not your money, and hell yeah, it would be nice if Queen's got its act together. You can't take it on faith it's going to happen. At least someone in Kingston is in the range of doing whatever it takes, since it sure won't be the OHL's Frontenacs.
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