Men's basketball: Bakovic, Buckley, and a Bekkering among the best performances of the year

This is the list of top offensive performers from 2008-2009. Rankings are explained in the women's post here. Let's get right to it:

Top 10 adjusted Game Scores, 2008-2009
1. 18.4 Boris Bakovic, Ryerson (22 games played)
2. 16.5 Jacob Doerksen, Trinity Western (18)
3. 15.5 Damian Buckley, Concordia (16)
4. 14.8 Showron Glover, Saskatchewan (22)
5. 14.1 Josh Gibson-Bascombe, Ottawa (21)
6. 13.8 Andrew Black, UPEI (19)
7. 13.4 Gamaliel Rose, UPEI (12)
8. 12.7 Joey Haywood, Saint Mary's (19)
9. 12.7 Ross Bekkering, Calgary (22)
10. 12.5 Dany Charlery, Brandon (20)

Boris Bakovic comes out on top here. You could probably say "880 minutes played" for him and not be too far off. His performance, and rather large lead over the next-best OUA player (Josh Gibson-Bascombe), makes one wonder if the provincial player of the year award will go to someone from outside the 613 this year. Interestingly, like Kayla Dykstra with the women, the top player won't be at the Final 8 (although the lady Vikes got a little closer than the Ryerson men).

Jacob Doerkson, second overall and tops in Canada West, was the MVP out there and Showron Glover (4th overall) was a first-team All-Star along with Dany Charley (10th) and Ross Bekkering (9th). (Henry was 18th overall to his brother's 9th; Ross is free to use this as dinner-table-bragging-rights material.) King Handles also shows up here: Joey Haywood is third in the AUS behind two Panthers, and if you had to guess which school would have two players in the nationwide top 10, would you have picked UPEI?

Top 5 in each conference:

18.4 Boris Bakovic, Ryerson (22)
14.1 Josh Gibson-Bascombe, Ottawa (21)
12.0 Aaron Doornekamp, Carleton (21)
11.4 Dax Dessureault, Ottawa (22)
11.1 Greg Surmacz, Windsor (22)

Canada West
16.5 Jacob Doerksen, Trinity Western (18)
14.8 Showron Glover, Saskatchewan (22)
12.7 Ross Bekkering, Calgary (22)
12.5 Dany Charlery, Brandon (20)
11.9 Greg Wallis, Simon Fraser (23)

Top 5 in Quebec
15.5 Damian Buckley, Concordia (16)
11.9 Moustafa El Zanaty, McGill (16)
10.8 Jean-Francois Beaulieu-Maheux, Laval (16)
10.3 Sean Anthony, McGill (16)
9.4 Gregory St-Amand, UQAM (16)

Top 5 in the AUS *
13.8 Andrew Black, UPEI (19)
13.4 Gamaliel Rose, UPEI (12)
12.7 Joey Haywood, Saint Mary's (19)
12.2 Simon Farine, Dalhousie (20)
12.1 Christian Upshaw, StFX (19)
* Leo Santil would have been first (and fifth nationwide) had he played in more games.

Other thoughts, especially from those who have seen these guys play more often, are encouraged and welcomed.
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1 comment:

  1. See my comment on your other article outlining the winners of the OUA east awards so I don't repeat myself here.

    In short - your stats helped prove a point that I came to without needing them: Boris the best CIS player this country has had in years. Just put a better surrounding cast around him and you'll see Carleton eating his dust!